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Using slntools to find missing projects

Nov 10, 2014 at 1:58 PM
I have a project that is composed of a main solution file with 3 sub-solution files. I need to find projects that are in the sub-solution files but not in the main solution file. I want to exclude project folders and report only the projects themselves that are missing. Is there a way I can use this code to do this?

I started out testing with the following code:
            SolutionFile slnFile1 = SolutionFile.FromFile(SolutionFileLeft);
            SolutionFile slnFile2 = SolutionFile.FromFile(SolutionFileRight);
Then I started looping through project collection of the solution file object but I don't know how to exclude the project folders or drill down to nested projects and folders.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Jim MacDiarmid
Leidos Corp