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Create ReSharper config file for filtered solution

Nov 8, 2013 at 12:33 PM
This tool is just what I have been looking for, it's a great help.
(After fixing an ANSI/UTF-8 issue, please see my patch.)

Our team has recently started using ReSharper. Contrary to other tools (e.g. StyleCop), R# does not have a solution-agnostic configuration file which would apply to all solutions in the same directory. Instead, each solution gets its own config file named "SolutionName.sln.DotSettings".

This behavior might be acceptable if each solution was independent, but in our case we have just one master solution and a bunch of filtered ones. Naturally, the same R# settings should be applied to each solution. Moreover, the settings should be stored in the repository, so that a developer could just checkout the code and start working without the need to reconfigure his global R# settings. The only way to do that now is to keep multiple copies of the R# config file in the repository, one for each solution (even though we exclude the filtered solutions from source control and only commit the filter files).

Since what SlnTools does could be generalized as "generating a file based on a master file and certain settings", I would like to suggest a new feature - generating (by simple copy) a R# settings file, based on the one accompanying the master solution. This would happen at the same time as generation of the filtered solution file and could be configurable (on/off) in the filter file.

I would be willing to implement this feature (no time commitments, however), if it is accepted.