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GlobalSection(TeamFoundationVersionControl) doesn't always has solution SccLocalPath in index 0


The HandleVersionControlLines function in the SolutionFileReader uses the Regex ms_regexParseVersionControlName, which implicitly assumes that the SccLocalPath0 always holds the SccLocalPath for the solution itself. However, our VS2010 has put the solution's SccLocalPath at the bottom, resulting in the exeption "Missing property 'SccProjectUniqueName' for the element #{0} in the global section '{1}'.\nFound: Nothing.\nExpected: A property with the name 'SccProjectUniqueName{0}'." for that SccLocalPath. along with it, it won't read the first project (index 0), because the Regex doesn't match that at all. Attached solution was created by VS2010 after re-binding the solution to source control.

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Resolved with changeset 68569.

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