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Project Description

'Tools for SLN File' make it easier for developers to compare, merge or filter the ".sln" files generated by Visual Studio. It's developed in C#.

Benefits and Features

Using the SLNTools provides the following advantages:
  • Make it easier to compare SLN files versus a 'generic' file comparer. For more information on the compare function see SLNTools Compare,
  • Make it easier to merge SLN files versus a 'generic' file merger. For more information on the merge function see SLNTools Merge.
  • Make it possible to create filters for a SLN file. The way it work is that when the filter file is opened, a temporary solution is created dynamically. The created solution file contain only the projects that are specified in the filter, and all the dependencies of those projects. This make it possible to have a mega-solution that contain all the projects needed to build the complete system but still have the possibility to work efficiently on a subset of the system. As you might know, Visual Studio is a lot faster when you have a solution with 10-20 projects instead of one with 200+ projects (opening the solution, building, etc). For more information on the filter function see SLNTools Filter.


In the development process, we received licenses from

Vendor Description

NDepend is a Visual Studio tool to manage complex .NET code and achieve high Code Quality.

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